5 Ways To Look Stylish In The Cold Weather

Margaret Solace

The cold weather is not only for two but for working ladies, too. Career women and women on a daily mission find it a little difficult to remain stylish during the cold weather, especially women working in the corporate world with a specific dress code.

The good thing, though, is you can still remain stylish in the cold weather. You just have to go back to that wardrobe. There is something in there you bought a long time ago and you never get to wear because it wasn’t perfect for the weather then. Now is the time! Or you just go shopping.

• Invest in scarves

If you are the type that needs to suit up to work eg, bankers, you’re covered. Get a scarf close to your uniform or something that complements it. Make sure it’s a little thin like the cotton scarves. Wrap around your neck, neatly tuck in your collar and you are good to go.

• Always carry extra pins for your hair

Rain can start at any time and all you have to do is pin that long hair in a bun and use that shower cap or fancy bonnet.

• Invest in cute nude or black cardigans.

You can also go for fancy fur cardigans and sweatshirts.

• Wear jackets and blazers

Your best friends are jackets and blazers in the cold weather. Throw in nice colours to be paired with simple skirts or pant trousers.

• Do away with the open toes for now

Wear pumps and fancy boots. The last thing you want are cold feet.

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