5 Warning Signs She Is Not Into You
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5 Warning Signs She Is Not Into You

Titilayo Ilori

Being in a relationship with someone who does not care about you is the worst thing that can happen to you. There are often signs to know if she is interested in you but you turn a blind eye to them.

It is best to know these signs in order to know where you stand. Below are five signs that she is not interested in you.

1. She is always busy

No matter how busy a woman is, she will always make time for a man she loves. But if she continues to give you reasons why she cannot see you, it is a sign she is not interested. So it is best to make up your mind on time before it is too late

2. She is always talking about her ex

If she can't make two sentences without talking about her ex, this means she is still missing him and might hook up with him. This is a matter that must be ironed out. It is best to know where you stand.

3. She introduces you as her friend

Some women might not be sure of where they stand in a relationship. That is why they might sometimes introduce you as a friend. If after a long time she still introduces you as a friend to people, then there is a problem.

4.  She does not call or text

No matter how busy a woman may be, she will always find time to talk to her partner if she truly loves him. Sometimes, she might be too busy to call or text. This can happen. But it should not be all the time.

5. She avoids talking about future plans

You would agree that women are always eager to make plans for the future with their partner. But a woman who does not want to be a part of it will do anything she can to avoid such discussion each time you bring it up.

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