5 Reasons Why It Is Difficult For Strong Women To Find Love
A strong and driven woman

5 Reasons Why It Is Difficult For Strong Women To Find Love

Margaret Solace

Relationships don’t come with manuals and finding love is not as easy as learning ABC. It takes mature minds to actually be in a loving relationship. There are sexual relationships, physical relationships and loving relationships.

It’s much more difficult for a strong, driven woman to find love the way teenagers do. These are reasons why some strong women don’t find love easily.

• Pride

Some women are so filled with pride that it becomes a difficult thing for just anybody to walk up to them. No one likes the idea of being shunned or looked down on. No matter how bad a man wants a woman, he must have watched her well countless times.

• Experience

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. Most strong women act defensive and shut you out as soon as you muster up the courage to approach them.

• Insecurity

Strong and driven women often wonder what people might think when they see them with someone not up to standard or age. They are so concerned about the gossips that will fly around that they often ignore the best man who is ready for the real deal.

• Standard

There is a reason these women are called strong and driven. It is because they have worked their butts off trying to make ends meet. They have broken bounds and shackles. Their standard is rated high and they often need to meet up with a partner of the same standard or they fall for gold diggers.

• They simply don’t know how

These women were either raised to be strong or they fought their way through. They might have been in relationships but often for the wrong reasons, either to secure a contract or just for the fun of it.

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