7 Ways To Deal With Rejection From A Woman
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7 Ways To Deal With Rejection From A Woman

Abayomi Afolayan

Abayomi Afolayan

Every guy at one point in his life has been rejected by a girl, whether you have a crush on her and want a long term relationship or you just want a fling. Guys sometimes get no from the girls and rejection may make you as a guy feel embarrassed or badly hurt. But it is important to get your dating game back on as soon as possible. So, here are seven ways to deal with rejection from a woman.

  • Give yourself time to hurt

You might need an alone time. Take your time, cry if you want to, scream if that would push the anger out. Do anything to ease the hurt, that is if you're hurting.

  • Remind yourself that rejection is normal

Rejection is part of life, so when she says no, it doesn't mean you aren't good enough. Don't see it as an attack on your personality because it is not. It is just normal for humans to get rejected at some point no matter how badly we want something.

  • Be polite

No matter how you feel about what she says, be polite and stay polite. She doesn't want to hang out? Say something like "It's cool, but can we still be friends?" Who knows? You might stand a chance of dating her once you are friends.

  • Become a friend

A little more into the previous point. Become her friend but take it slow. You don't want to lose the friendship, do you? Stay connected, talk about things that interest both of you and wait for the right time to ask her again.

  • Spend time with other people

Don't feel too bad or so depressed that you cut off others. She did not reject you because you aren’t good enough. So, stay in touch with other people.

  • Keep yourself busy

Start doing things that interest you to keep yourself busy. Try setting a personal goal and make sure to achieve them. Personal goals you can set include:

Creating an art that speaks emotions.

Writing a short story.

Training to participate in a track and field event.

  • Plan for a retry later

Don't give up. Stay connected to her and plan how to give it another try. Make sure it takes time before trying again.

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