Butt rash
Butt rash

Ladies! Learn 3 Ways To Avoid Butt Rash When On Your Period 

Margaret Solace

Butt rash is one of the most uncomfortable and irritating things a woman can ever experience. It gets even worse when you are menstruating. Here are three ways to avoid butt rash when you are on your menstrual period.

1. Use tampons

Sometimes, butt rash can be caused by sanitary pads. You might want to consider changing to tampons. They are quite easy to use and they will not come in contact with your skin. This will reduce the possibility of having butt rash.

2. Change your pads

You might be wearing your pads longer than you should. This could be the reason for the rash. It is advisable to change your pad every 8 hours. That is four pads per day.

3. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is known for its numerous benefits, including clearing up rash. You can apply some of it on the affected areas and you will definitely see changes.

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