4 Fun Weekend Games To Play With Your Friends 

Margaret Solace

The weekend is usually a great time to have fun and unwind after a long week. One of many ways to enjoy the weekend is to hang out with friends. In the process of hanging out, you might run out of things to do. So, here are four games you can play with your friends.                     

1. Truth or dare

Most people shy away from truth or dare, but with the right set of people, it cannot go wrong.

2. Card games

Card games are quite interesting to play. They are spontaneous, too, depending on the people you are playing with.

3. Board games

Playing board games, like monopoly, ludo and so on, is a great way to have fun. Board games like card games are also fun to play. You can make things more interesting by placing bets.

4. Drinking games

Drinking games are a great way to spice up a dull evening. You can get together with friends and play drinking games.

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