4 Messages You Should Never Send To Your Ex
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4 Messages You Should Never Send To Your Ex

Titilayo Ilori

Moving on after a break up can be tough, especially if both of you spent a long time together while in the relationship. But communicating with your ex through text messages after a breakup is improper. You need to accept the fact that you two are no more and should move on. Below are some text messages you should never send to your ex.

1. I miss you so much

A breakup is difficult to deal with. It is normal for you to miss your ex once in a while, especially if you have not found a replacement yet. But telling your ex-partner how much you miss them will only make you feel depressed and it is not a sign that you are ready to move forward.

2. I am glad you've found someone else

Some people still communicate with their ex. As a matter of fact, they might still be good friends. This might be because they broke up due to circumstances beyond their control and they decided to be mature about the whole thing. But whether they got someone new or not is not your business.

3.  We can still be friends

You broke up for a reason. So, why will you still want to be friends with your ex?

4.  I can't stop listening to your favourite song

Getting over the memories you shared with your ex might not be as easy as you imagined. But it is a bad idea to repeatedly listen to your ex’s favourite song, visit or pass by your ex’s favourite hang out. Giving your ex a call to give them details of all this will not help you heal.

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