5 Types Of Anxiety Disorders You Should Know

Margaret Solace

Anxiety steals perfect moments away from our lives. It is a roaming monster looking for its prey. You get anxious about everything. It steals your emotions and this can go from mild anxiety to serious ones.

This beast is here to stay but only if you allow it. Below are five types of anxiety disorders you should know about.

• Daily Anxiety

When you worry excessively about your everyday life, you constantly worry about what you eat, what you want to do for the day etc.

• Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is an anxiety of interaction. You worry constantly about how meeting people is going to make you irritated, anxious and sometimes run to the toilet. You’re constantly worrying if you’re going to say something wrong or get criticised about your choice of clothes. This is an isolation disorder.

• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This is a serious condition that develops after one has passed through a traumatic event, witnessed or even experienced one. PTSD can cause serious harm. It can result in intense fear. It is often caused by unexpected events like accidents or death of a loved one and results in nightmares, flashbacks, nervousness and inability to function well.

• Agoraphobia

This is when you worry about a certain place or situation, so you avoid them completely. It is caused by fear and you don’t even want to leave your home or be in the midst of people or go to certain places.

• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Someone suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder has an obsessive way of thinking, urges or repetitive behaviour. Some are diagnosed and some just discover on their own. You feel the need to control things around you, from environment to school and relationships even to some repetitive habits. You’re afraid that if you don’t do something in a certain way, things will go wrong.

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