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Top 4 Countries To Visit In Africa
Places in Africa

Top 4 Countries To Visit In Africa

Margaret Solace

Who says Africa is not beautiful? This is beyond huts, stripes and sand. Do you have a vacation coming and you wonder where to go for a quick one before returning to the daily struggles? There are places in Africa to try out. Beautiful places!

Africa is a beautiful continent, one of the largest in the world. You should get your tickets and bags ready because you are about to learn about some awesome places you should visit in Africa.

• Uganda

Uganda houses one of the most beautiful parks in Africa, the Mgahinga Gorilla national park. It holds a different and pleasant allure, not like a regular gorilla park. It has its history of two silverbacks (male mountain gorillas). You have just 60 minutes with them and you get to explore fast. Isn’t that interesting? Remember to pack appropriately.

• Malawi

Malawi is another beautiful country with amazing places to be. It is a beautiful small country in south eastern Africa. There are awesome wildlife parks and the best is the far north (Ayika). There are antelopes, birds of different species and beautiful zebras too. If you are a lover of animals, you should come here.

• Kenya

We’ve all heard of Kenya many times. There are the southern and the northern parts of Kenya. Both are great places for a vacation. People often go to the southern part though places like beautiful Masai Mara and Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park and Diana Beach. The northern part is a wild place and untouched. It has a beautiful landscape too.

• Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the most amazing countries in Africa. It has beautiful coastline, amazing foods too. If you love surfing, swimming and basically having a nice experience, then Mozambique is the place for you. You can watch whale sharks or you can experience amazing Scuba diving on beaches with baby blue water and white sand.

Don’t forget your camera because you’re going to need it!