Minimalist Wardrobe
Minimalist Wardrobe

4 Steps To A Minimalist Wardrobe

Margaret Solace

You just moved into a new apartment and you are wondering how to make your wardrobe minimalist, especially if it is smaller than you thought, and you are not sure how to go about it. Here are steps to achieving a simple or minimalist wardrobe.

• Select a few casual outfits

Set aside a few casual outfits for running errands or for casual outings in your wardrobe. You don’t have to open up hundred boxes because of a little errand. So, always have a few casual clothes handy.

• Arrange according to the season

Arrange clothes in your wardrobe according to the season. If you are in a cold season, your wardrobe should have mostly clothes meant for the cold season like sweaters, hoodies etc and when the weather is hot, opt for soft easy to wear clothes in your wardrobe.

• Tone down the colour

No matter how many clothes you have in your wardrobe, as long as you have a single colour for hangers, your wardrobe will look simple.

• Follow a colour pattern

If you have a selection of white clothes, arrange them in a place followed by clothes of another colour. Always arrange your clothes according to their colours and patterns. All floral clothes should be kept to one side.

• Keep your wardrobe tidy

A nice arrangement will always look simple, but when things are all scattered, your wardrobe might seem too cluttered.

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