Constipation: Causes And Foods To Relieve It
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Constipation: Causes And Foods To Relieve It

Margaret Solace

Constipation can be caused by dehydration, medication, and physical inactivity, among many other things. Sometimes, it is caused by lifestyle changes. If you have difficulty going to the toilet, then you have constipation. Some causes of constipation include:

• Milk

Some people become constipated after consuming milk but this is rare.

• Dehydration

Water helps push food down. That is why if you are dehydrated, you might become constipated.

• Physical inability

When one is inactive, the chances of becoming constipated are high. Old people and bedridden patients often suffer from constipation.

• Medication

Some medications like anti-depressants, calcium, and channel blocking medications can interfere with the digestive tract.

• Aging

Metabolism slows down as we age and this might make the digestive tract weaker than usual.

• Pregnancy

The uterus may compress the intestine, making food pass through slowly.

Some foods can help relieve constipation and they include:

• Yoghurt

Fermented diary can be valuable to a constipated patient. It contains probiotics, which help improve digestion.

• Legumes

Legumes are fiber rich foods. Fiber is an important macronutrient, which keeps the digestive tract healthy.

• Vitamin C

Citrus fruits like oranges can help with constipation.

Note: Laxatives should be your last resort whenever it comes to constipation.

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