10 Important Things To Put In Your Maternity Bag
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10 Important Things To Put In Your Maternity Bag

Margaret Solace

Maternity bag or delivery bag is what you take along with you to the hospital when you are due for the baby or when contractions start. In order not to fret at the last minute, here is a list of the most important items you might need after your baby is born.

• Socks

Depending on when you give birth, socks might be needed for both mother and child. The mother has to keep warm to be ready for her baby and the baby needs to be warm no matter the weather.

• Toiletries

You are going to need these ones. You might need to clean before and after birth, depending on what you want. But it’s necessary after birth to clean up before the arrival of guests.

• Something to pass time with

You might need a book, magazine or anything you prefer, something to keep you relaxed while you wait for the doctor to discharge you.

• Flip flops or slippers

You are going to need comfortable slippers to wear in case you need to visit the bathroom or see your baby, if the hospital does not permit stay in babies.

• Nursing bra

You will start to breastfeed as soon as the baby comes, so you are going to need a nursing bra in your bag.

• Nightdresses

Nightdresses are needed for a night or two, depending on the doctor. A dress is preferable in case you still feel sore in your vagina.

• Maternity pads

For mild to heavy bleeding after giving birth, you might need heavy pads called maternity pads.

• Diapers

Your baby will need diapers as soon as it is born.

• Baby outfits

If you know your baby’s gender before the due date, then it would be easy to choose colours and kinds of baby clothes, but if you want it to be a mystery, buy pink and blue outfits or choose neutral colours.

• Hot water bottle

This might help relieve cramps and pains caused by labour and childbirth. You might want to start using this before leaving the hospital.

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