4 Harmful Beauty Ingredients You Should Avoid

4 Harmful Beauty Ingredients You Should Avoid

Margaret Solace

Beauty products should make us more beautiful and radiant, but what happens when these products cause more harm than good? The end result of these products are harmful when they contain these ingredients.

• Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is a strong inhibitor of melanin production in the body. It counters melanin, thereby making the skin lighter and brighter. A lot of the bleaching creams out there in the market contain hydroquinone because it is the fastest choice for skin brightening. But this ingredient causes skin irritability like burning, itching etc. It also causes inflammatory reactions, skin tightening and increases the chances of skin cancer.

• Parabens

This can be found in some shampoos, conditioners, facial scrubs, wash and cleanser etc. It makes the skin sensitive, causes allergies and can also be toxic to the body. Check ingredients well before purchase.

• Tretinoin

This ingredient is also used for bleaching. However, direct contact with the sun can have the opposite result of what you’re aiming for. So, what’s the point of clearing your skin when you can’t show it to the world?

• Mercury

This is another skin bleaching ingredient. This has been banned in so many beauty companies all over the world. It was linked to skin cancer a long time ago. Long term use of this can lead to tissue accumulation of this product and can lead to skin damage and skin cancer.

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