Kids playing football
Kids playing football

4 Harmful Foods For Kids

Margaret Solace

There is no manual to parenting. However, there are useful tips to help ensure that children are kept safe and healthy. Babies under the age of two are likely to fall sick due to teething etc. Their immune system is still developing and they are more exposed to bacteria and infections, which could be worsened by the kind of food they eat. Here are some foods you shouldn’t give to your kids, especially if they are under the age of two.

• Candy

Sugar intake shouldn’t be too much for kids. Babies like sweet things but if possible you should limit their candy intake.

• Fruits

Fruit juice should not be given to children. They are not strong enough to fight bacteria or dysentery. Do not fall for the myth of vitamin C. These babies don’t even lack in these nutrients anyways. Reduce the amount of fruits you give them, too. You might do one per day or speak to your doctor about it, till they are at least two years.

• Soda

Still on sugar intake. Switch things up with water instead or homemade juice with no sugar at all.

• Honey

Honey contains a toxic bacteria called botulinum, according to some experts. It might be a little difficult for babies under two to fight the bacteria. Adults don’t get sick because of their immune system.

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