4 Ways To Deal With Difficult In-Laws

Margaret Solace

Are you about to get married or are you newly married and you just can’t deal with your insufferable in-laws? Some in-laws become difficult because of their insecurity or what they want from you. Here are ways to deal with such in-laws.

• Find out why

Find out why your in-laws are being difficult. They might be difficult because of a financial or emotional burden and some are just insecure. They are threatened by your presence in their child’s house.

• Be flexible

Marriage is a world and a new institution. You have to be ready for things like this. Be ready to bend to certain demands but not at the detriment of your happiness.

• Involve your partner

Now is the time to involve your partner in this. Know the right time to talk about it and be open without being rude. If you feel your in-laws are becoming defensive, stop and try some other time.

• Seek help

A religious help or an elder can be sought after in cases like this. You might need someone to talk sense into them, to help you ask why and tell you what can be done.

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