5 Types Of Men You Should Date

5 Types Of Men You Should Date

Margaret Solace

There are many types of men out there. Some have one or two of the qualities we are about to talk about and others have all. But note that there is no perfect man, except he is hiding his true identity and the sooner you get to know him, the better. Find the five types of men you should date below.

• The Humorous Man

Men with a good sense of humour are the best in a world of imperfection. A man who can make you smile is worth fighting for. He is always there to make you laugh. If he can make you happy, then go for him.

• The Socially Conscious Man

He is the life of the party. He is that one everybody is waiting for to light up the party. This man will try everything to settle issues whenever things go wrong in the relationship. He likes to be friends with everyone, so if you like to hang out with someone fun, then this man is for you.

• The Smart and Witty Man

An intelligent man is everything. You are not going to be broke by any means. He will figure things out because he is smart. A smart guy is the first person to go to if you have questions you need answers to.

• The Mature Man

He is probably older than you and has so much more experience than most guys out there. He knows how to treat you better too.

• The Generous Man

A man who is ready to spend on you is the sweetest man. They say women love good things. Women like being pampered, so when a man pampers you, bless heaven for your soul.

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