6 Common Causes Of Infertility In Men
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6 Common Causes Of Infertility In Men

Margaret Solace

There are many causes of infertility in both men and women but this article centres on infertility in men. Here are six causes of male infertility.

• Environment

When a man is over exposed to chemicals, smoke, harmful drugs, it might have a harmful effect on his organs and this can cause infertility.

• Medical treatment

Treatment of cancer or other terminal diseases can disturb the production of sperm in the male reproductive organ. Chemotherapy and kidney treatment can also hinder sperm production.


Health problems caused by untreated infections or sexually transmitted diseases can be a major cause of infertility. These diseases, when left untreated, can destroy the immune system, making the male organ too weak to produce sperm. This can cause infertility.

• Structural problems

Structural problems like blockage in the testicles or injury to the organ can also cause infertility. Premature ejaculation can also be the cause of infertility.

• Low sperm count

This is when a man doesn’t produce enough sperm to fertilize a woman’s eggs.

• Enlarged veins

Enlarged veins in the testicles can also have a negative effect on sperm production.

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