6 Things To Consider Before Getting Married
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6 Things To Consider Before Getting Married

Margaret Solace

Love is not the only thing you should consider before getting married. There are other things to consider before you say I do. Check out some of them below.

• Purpose

Know the purpose of your marriage. So many people say “I do” for the wrong reasons. Take your time to know why you are getting married.

• Friendship

You have to be friends with your man or woman before saying I do. When love fades, the friendship you’ve built with your partner will always come through in a marriage. So, build a friendship with your partner, be best friends before you say I do.

• Financial equality

Before saying “I do”, you have to sit with your partner to discuss your expectations about your financial life. If you are going to rely on your partner financially, they should state or suggest it.

• Communication

Do you communicate well with your partner? If the answer is yes, you are ready to say “I do.” If you do not communicate well, find out why. If there is a distraction, try to deal with it before walking down the aisle.

• Be flexible

Be ready to make some adjustments. Marriage is a new world and you should be ready to change certain things.

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