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4 Simple Ways To Pack Light For A Trip
Packing for a trip

4 Simple Ways To Pack Light For A Trip

Margaret Solace

Have you ever wondered why you pack two bags for a trip and you end up using just half of what is in one bag? We have all been there. You have a weekend trip with your friends and you want to pack light but you don’t know how. Find four ways to pack light for a trip.

• Make a list of necessary things

Make a list of only the things you need on your trip and follow that list when packing. Avoid excess luggage.

• Pick the most important things first

If you have just a few days to spend on your trip, select underwear and some clothes for the days first. Make sure they are wrinkle free so you wouldn’t have to launder them when you arrive at your destination. Pick the toiletries you will need the most, not the whole bag. Get a smaller bag for your toiletries.

• Reduce your makeup bag

Most times, what actually makes your bag full is the makeup. Some people travel with the whole makeup box. Learn to pick the ones you use on a daily. Rid your mind of “what ifs.”

• Get a smaller bag

If you have a big bag, you might end up stuffing things in just to make it full. If that’s the problem, get a smaller bag, something for your light travelling.