5 Important Things New Parents Should Know
Parents and their baby

5 Important Things New Parents Should Know

Margaret Solace

You just gave birth to your bundle of joy and you are over the moon. You’ve had so many visitors bearing gifts and giving suggestions of different kinds, things you’ve never heard before. Old mothers come with so many things you need to try with the baby. Some contradict what mommy A said earlier and now you’re confused.

It’s normal for these things to occur. After all, this is a new life not a new car or a new designer bag. So, you have to be extra careful with a lot of things. Babies are like eggs, very delicate. If you attended your pre-birth classes, you must have been taught how to bathe your babies, how to dress for them, what to feed them. Check out five tips for new parents.

• Know the baby essentials

Baby items like bath towels, bath bowls, and soap need to be carefully selected. Babies are delicate and do not need harsh things. Select clothes that will suit their bodies.

• Baby proof your house

It takes some months for babies to start crawling and trying to stand or walk. Ensure your house is baby proof. There should be no slippery floor, take everything that can hurt a baby away. Change positions of fridges, stools. Their walkers should be baby proof. Ensure everything is tightly secured.

• Have organizers

Ensure you keep your baby’s documents from birth, everything either written or documented in discs must be kept safe.

• Get your camera ready

You want to take pictures of everything right from the bump days to your baby’s first attempt to walk to their first walk, etc.

• Install hidden cameras

If you have to get nannies, ensure you have cameras everywhere. Some nannies are from hell.

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