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Ladies! Learn 5 Ways To Use Toys During Sex 
Woman using sex toy 

Ladies! Learn 5 Ways To Use Toys During Sex 

Margaret Solace

The old school way of thinking was that guys would run for the nearest exit if you pulled out a vibrator or any kind of sex toy during sex. Nowadays, though, things are different. Men are now open to the awesome sensations a vibrator can bring. Sex toys are used to spice things up in the bedroom with your spouse.

Here are 5 sexy ways to use sex toys with him without getting weird or freaky.

• Start slow

Start slow and use the tip to circle your nipples and then his. As you cycle, turn up the speed. Alternate between the vibrator and playing with him. He should do the same, too.

• Turn it up full throttle

The shaft of a guy’s reproductive organ isn’t so sensitive, so he can handle it. Then move it up to one side of his package and down the other. It will stimulate his entire organ and make him extra hard.

• Buzz it on him before you strip him down

Lay him on the bed, turn on the vibrator and rub it all over him. It will make him comfortable.

• Use during oral sex

Hold the side of your vibrator against your cheek as you take your man in and out. To pleasure you, have him put the vibrator inside of you angled slightly toward your belly button till it hits your G-spot.

• Give him total control

Give him total control of your toy and let him use it on you during penetration.