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5 Bras Every Woman Should Have

5 Bras Every Woman Should Have

Margaret Solace

Brassiere is a lingerie or underwear made to hold and support a woman’s breasts. Bras should be comfortable and not endured. Although they offer great support to the breasts, bras also serve as a turn on for most men. There are bras every woman should have in her wardrobe, and they include the following:

• Push up bra

A push bra is designed with added pads underneath the bra to lift breasts and to make them look bigger and offer more support. They come in different colours and even textures.

• Strapless bra

The strapless bra has no straps. It is supported by just the hooks, so it’s important to get your size for good support. You can wear these with revealing tops and tube dresses or tops.

• Padded bra

The padded bra is designed with an extra pad in front to prevent the nipples from showing.

• Sports bra

These bras are made specially for sporting activities. They must be comfortable. They offer support, especially to big breasted women during sports.

• Stick on bra

A stick on bra is meant for backless dresses. It sticks to the front of the breasts, pulling them together for more support. It gives the illusion of not wearing any bra with your backless dress or top.