8 Ways to Know He is Not That Into You

8 Ways to Know He is Not That Into You

Ladies before you shoot your shot, look out for these signs

Debby O

Ladies! it is normal to have a crush and fantasize about falling in love, marriage and a family with your dream man. These days ladies are making the first move in love, before you make a move on your hunky crush, here is how to know he likes you back.

If you see these signs, abort mission!

1. You Always Call First: When a man likes a woman, he always calls first, because he is curious about you and would like to know you. He would find silly reasons to hear your voice. If you have to call your crush first all the time, chances are he is not that into you.

2. He Never Makes Plans First: A man feeling a woman would always make plans to see her, touch her and smell her. He would like to show you off, because making plans means you both go out in public or spend quality time. If he doesn’t make plans with you or you have to force him to make plans, sister! he is not that into you.

3. He Boldly tells you about other women: A man in love with you would never tell you about other women, in all likelihood, he may shield his ‘sexcapades’ from you. Why? He doesn’t want to ruin his chances with you. If he talks about Funke, Bola, Amina etc, he is not that into you.

4.He Hides you Away like a dirty secret: Bad enough he doesn't make plans to see you, when he does, it is usually in secret and not public places. It is likely he would never tell family and friends about you, neither would he take you to family gatherings. If his secret meetings with you, is to steal a few kisses and may be sex. He is not that into you.

5. He is Always ‘Busy’: A man who is not into you, will always be too busy for you. It is normal to live a busy life, however, people make time for who and what matters to them. If he is not making time, you are not that important to him.

6. You Never Know Where you Stand with Him: Men are a little more straightforward than women are. Thus you will always know where you stand with a man, because he would define it and let you know. If he doesn’t and you are in doubt about your position in his life, chances are he is not interested.

7. If the Relationship is more physical than emotional: this here is self explanatory, if he only wants to see you for sex, he is not that into you. When a man likes you, he would always want to connect with you emotionally as well. This is because he is willing to be vulnerable with you. If there is no emotional connection and the only thing you both do when you hang out is ‘gbas gbos’, my sister, you are his booty call and he is not that into you.

8. He has never done anything nice for you: Men are natural providers, if he likes you, he would do nice things for you because the look of delight on your face will make him feel like a hero. If you don’t bring out his need to be your hero and slay your dragons, he is not that into you.

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