5 Ways To Get Drunk Without Tasting Alcohol

Stacy Daisy

It is a general belief that the only way to be intoxicated is to drink alcohol. However, there are several ways to get intoxicated without actually tasting alcohol. Below are five of those ways.

1. Injecting Ethanol

This is one of the rapid ways to get your body boozed up. It gets into your bloodstream and work begins. Injecting ethanol can be hazardous to your system and may lead to death.

2. Eating Fermented Foods

While consuming some fermented foods can be safe, since they increase the potency of beneficial bacteria in your body, consuming them in excess can shut your digestive system down and get your bloodstream all fuzzy.

3. Pouring Alcohol over your Eyes

This can make you blind and ultimately sober. The practice of pouring alcohol on your eyes is called eyeballing. The capillaries in your eyes absorb the alcohol and send them to work. Just like water does not get much into your eyes, alcohol might also not get that far.

4. Sniffing Alcohol

Most people think the only thing that can be sniffed is cocaine, tobacco or crushed drugs. You can sniff alcohol too. Grab a bottle of quality Russian vodka to get the best effect. Note that sniffing can affect your lungs.

5. Taking Cough Syrup

A good number of cough syrups are known to contain codeine or methyl. Consuming cough syrup is not harmful but consuming a lot can get you intoxicated.

There you have it. You can confidently tell people you’re not drunk and have them open your mouth to be certain.

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