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Think she likes you? Here are 5 ways to know

Think she likes you? Here are 5 ways to know

Men are often faced with the problem of getting turned down when they ask a girl out; here are five ways to know she likes you.

You asked a girl out. She likes you; or so you thought. You hit her with the question and boom her response cripples your heart

You nursed your wound and moved on. You are at a point where you want to give it another go with this super smart pretty girl you met a few months ago

You are in a fix as you do not want to ruin your friendship by asking that she becomes your girl and watching her go for someone else after waiting on you like your female best friend did.

Here are 5 ways you can be certain you’re on the same page before shooting your shot.

She tells her friends about you: Trust me, her friends know if she is truly into you. Girls find it easy to be truthful when discussing their attractions to a boy with their girlfriends.

If you haven't met her friends, that's fine, because she will unknowingly let on about a conversation she had with her best friend about something you said or something you like.

She tells you things she does not share with anyone else: When a girl begins to share a personal side she never shared with anyone, it means she feels something for you.

Girls usually don’t get that deep in conversation with someone they do not enjoy being with

She likes to have private moments with you: If she is always craving private moments with you and longs for your company then she is definitely into you

She imitates you and takes to correction: When a girl likes you, she is bound to do all that you like and stay away from things you do not approve of or fancy.

There is an effortless need to please you. She picks up on your body language and interest to enable her be in sync with you

She is very inquisitive around you: When a girl is asking you questions after questions, she wants to know your perspective on things. She needs answers to these questions to enable her know you better and see if you both make a good match

There you have it. Make sure you ticked these boxes alongside the ones you already have

Go shoot your shot as soon as you’re sure she has done all these

Wish you luck