6 Signs You Are In Love       

6 Signs You Are In Love       

Stacy Daisy

Being in love is one of the most amazing feelings ever. For some, the signs that they are in love are obvious, while some don’t notice the signs or admit they are in love quite early. Before you start thinking you’re in love, check out six signs that you are smitten with someone.

1. You’re happy for no reason

You beam at the slightest things when you’re in love. The love you feel gives you reason to be excited day in, day out.

2. You go over your chats

You’re doing it now, right? When you find yourself going over chats you've had with a person, it’s a sure sign that you are in love.

3. Everything reminds you of them

You always find something they like or hate around you, from the way your next-door neighbour walks to how your schoolmate eats, the type of movies your friends like, etc. You always find a reason to remember them in all your activities.

4. You’re over your ex

Ex! What does that even mean? You could have been crying and hoping your ex would be back just a few days before meeting this new person, but you’re here now wondering what you were doing with your ex in the first place. You find yourself listing a bunch of reasons why they are better than your ex.

5. You give excuses for all their actions

Your friends don’t totally approve of them but that’s none of your business. You find yourself trying to make up for all their lapses. You get mad at everyone who raises any red flags.

6. Other people become less attractive

You begin to feel a certain distaste for the people you crushed on just recently. Your newfound love is all perfect and better than every other person you ever liked before them

This is you, right? You’re in love.

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