Family vacation
Family vacation

6 Ways To Prepare Your Skin For A Vacation

Margaret Solace

What better way to relieve the stress of work than to go on a vacation? You finally secured a ticket after a long queue. Now is the time to prepare your skin for the vacation, especially if you have a sensitive skin or skin that won’t glow without a little struggle. Here are things to do to prepare your skin for a vacation.

1. Know your allergy

You should know what you are allergic to. Do some studies and take some tests if possible. You might not know of your allergies because you’ve not been out in another world. Stick with what you know, or better still, go with some antihistamine medication.

2. Drink water

A good skin needs a lot of water. So, you should drink a lot of water weeks before your journey starts. You don’t want to end up with a skin looking too dry or skin that looks ready to break any minute. You should have enough moisture in your body. Add watermelons and cucumber to your diet.

3. Avoid exposure to the sun

Avoid spending too much time under the sun, no matter how tempting the beach is. You should invest in a good quality sunscreen. You don’t want to have a sun-damaged skin.

4. Eat a healthy diet

You have to go on a balanced diet. Take supplements if possible. Just make sure you know the right ones and speak to your doctor about it.

5. Follow a skincare routine

Travelling on a long journey might need a skin prep. You might not want to do too much makeup, especially on days you just want to make a few errands or just spend time in the pool. A good skin is the best makeup. So, you have to invest in a good skin routine. Get a suitable cleanser, toner, serum and know your skin type. That way, you can figure out what moisturizer is best for your skin.

6. Take care of your lips

Hyperpigmentation and dehydration can leave your lips looking dry and chapped. Know the climate condition of where you are going to. Fill up your bag with a good lip balm and gloss.

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