Maintaining a balanced diet is good for healthy living 
Maintaining a balanced diet is good for healthy living 

5 Things To Consider Before Going On A Clean Diet

Margaret Solace

A clean diet involves eating whole unprocessed foods and lean meat. It is a form of dieting that focuses on consuming whole foods that are minimally or not processed at all and are close to their natural state. Clean diet involves eating lean proteins, carbs and fats that are good for you.

Eating small portions of fresh fruits and vegetables six or more times a day with a lot of water and regular exercise can increase your metabolism. Here are things you should know before you start a clean diet.

1. Weight gain

People often believe not eating or eating just fruits will make them lose weight, but in some cases, it can actually make you gain some weight. While trying to eat clean, you might actually gain more weight because of the increase in calories you take daily. When you have a smoothie challenge, you might end up gaining weight if not properly followed.

2. Isolation

If you isolate yourself from your friends in order to avoid temptation, you might get bored and decide to jump right back into old habits of eating greasy and unhealthy foods. So, think about it before you decide to isolate yourself.

3. Cramps and Bloating

Cramps, bloating and a lot of gas can be gotten from eating a lot of vegetables. Vegetables are loaded with nutrients and have a lot of good properties attached. Vegetables cleanse, too. So, it might be the reason for cramps for the first weeks or months. It is advisable to add mushroom and pepper to your diet to reduce gas production.

4. Doing it all wrong

You should discuss with a dietician or expert before you go on a clean diet. Many people eat a lot of veggetables each day without seeing results. Maybe that’s because they are doing it all wrong. Perhaps they are eating the wrong vegetables, totally ignoring sugar or carbs, and not adding proteins to their meals. If you want to start a clean diet, be sure to do it right.

5. Not seeing any improvement

Sometimes, going on a clean diet alone doesn’t work for all. Observe your body and find out ways to ensure that you achieve your aim.

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