11 Ways To Help A Child Who Bed Wets

Margaret Solace

What is bedwetting? Bedwetting is the inability of someone to wake up when they want to relieve themselves during sleep, thereby drenching the bed with urine. It happens oftentimes to kids and to some adults too. For the kids, a lot of things can cause a child to bed wet, including tiredness and the fact that they are just kids.

For adults who find themselves in such a situation, it might be as a result of stress and traumas or they are bedridden and have no choice but to relieve themselves when pressed.

For the parents of these kids, you’re constantly faced with spreading, cleaning and buying a new mattress or a water-resistant mattress all the time. You will still need to wash the bedding every day or twice in a day if they observe naps in the afternoon. It takes patience and understanding. Check out eleven ways to help a child who bed wets.

1. Know their behaviour

Try to study your kids. Know their daily activities and the kind of games they engage in on days they bed wet. Know the level of play they engage in or the food they eat. Just pay attention to their behaviour.

2. Reduce their activities

If you notice your kids bed wet after certain kinds of play, you might want to check it. You shouldn’t try to stop them totally. Introduce new hobbies to them.

3. Clean up cluttered room

A dirty, untidy room might be the reason they bed wet. After all, the rooms are dirty.

4. Try potty training

Teach your kids how to use the toilet. Make it more friendly, add more children stickers if possible. Try to make the place lively. A dark creepy restroom might be the reason they don’t want to use the restroom.

5. Be more understanding

Don’t be harsh on them. Scold them but not too hard. Let them know it’s not okay to bed wet but it’s not a disease. Do not make them feel less human.

6. Introduce them to a more friendly bathroom

Add light and stickers to the restroom close to where they sleep at night. If they sleep in your bed, try put them into consideration.

7. Let them ease themselves before bed

This is important. They have to relieve themselves no matter how tired you are or sleepy they are. This little effort can help and change the whole scenerio.

8. Wake them to go use the bathroom

You should try to wake them at night. Notice when they do and set an alarm if possible.

9. Be careful of their diet

They should stay away from water related foods like watermelon and fruit juice before bed. Avoid foods that will make them too tired also.

10. Be prepared

Know that this will happen because they are kids, after all. They will stop bedwetting with time.

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