7 Useful Hacks To Get A Job

Margaret Solace

Unemployment has become a scourge plaguing many. The inability to secure a job after so many trials can be exhausting. Some even go to the extent of bribing their way in and still don’t even get in after all the struggles. Now, you have to sit down to ask yourself the question, “Why?”

Could it be that you keep making the same mistakes every time you submit your resume/CV or when you’re called for an interview? Here are some hacks you should try in your next interview:

1. Give them a reason to look at your CV

When you submit your CV and cover letter to the company or organization you want to work for, don’t just wait at home. You can call in to let them know you just submitted your CV and would love to hear from them. Sometimes, these letters don’t get to the right person.

2. Take your representation online seriously

A company who wants to employ you will request for your details, including emails and social media platforms. Don’t be surprised if the CEO decides to shock you in your comment section where you posted a nude picture or vulgar things online. They want to see if you’re responsible.

3. Get an internship

This is not a new thing. Majority of people employed are interns that work in their company for some period of time.

4. Have a good dress sense

No one is saying you should dress in suits but look presentable and fashionable enough. We know you need a job but don’t look too serious or look poor either.

5. Give a good first impression

Do a research of the company you are interviewing with before you get there. Know their competition, their goals and let them be aware of this fact within seconds. That will make them want to know more. The moment they have the upper power, they might throw you off balance.

6. Let the money talk come last

Discuss your salary last. Don’t make it seem like it is the only reason you want to join the company. This will make your interviewers feel that you will leave the company after you are employed, once you get a better offer.

7. Spare them the cliches

Don’t bore your interviewers with cliches. Go straight to the point.

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