3 Ways To Survive Kidnapping
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3 Ways To Survive Kidnapping

Titilayo Ilori

Kidnapping has been the order of the day. While some victims survive it, others don't. It is important to know how to protect yourself if you find yourself in the claws of kidnappers. Below are three ways to save yourself.

1. Stay calm

It is difficult not to think of a lot of things at that moment, but you must pay attention to every little detail. For example, who goes in and out, how many guards are guarding the area, who is the head of the gang and so on. The information you gather will help you plan your escape

2. Cooperate with them

Most people get killed by kidnappers because they either struggle with them or they fail to cooperate. Always remember that you cannot argue with a kidnapper. Obey their instructions in order to stay safe.

3. Plan on how to escape

At first, this will be difficult because you might think you will get caught. That is the main reason why you must plan and be sure you have a plan before escaping. Once you escape, run far away from your abductors before asking for help.

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