5 Inexpensive Makeovers For Your Living Room

5 Inexpensive Makeovers For Your Living Room

Margaret Solace

Have you been living in a room or apartment for so long you wish you could change how things are in your space but you don’t know how?

There are so many ways to change a living space without spending too much.

Some of these hacks or tips are easy to do on your own. For others, though, you might need a little help in case you need to lift heavy things in the house.

1. Change your curtains

This little item can either lift or break the mood in the living room or apartment. Take down your old curtains, opt for neon or more floral looking curtains. If you love colours, go for them. Let the colours go with your living space or complement it at least.

2. Replace pictures with wall frames

Take down the picture wall designs, look for cool wall frames. You can go for animal print, magazine wall frames, colour drape wall frames. There are a lot of wall frames to choose from. Some are made like canvas for so many things. Look for inexpensive ones and use instead of the old pictures.

3. Add colours

A little splash of colour can go a long way. If you have pale curtains, pale wall paint, you can just add colours to lift up the spirit of the room. You don’t want to walk into your apartment and be sad. Your apartment should make you feel comfortable and lively not dull. So, add colours.

4. Opt for coloured bedspreads

Just like the splash of colours in the room, a coloured bedspread brings life to your sleeping habits. Go for an inexpensive yet classy bedspread, something you can easily wash later on.

5. Change your rug or footmat

They say the little things make the difference. The same with rugs. A rug in your living apartment will change the look of the room. Go for coloured mats, like wine, red, yellow etc.

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