3 Reasons Why Couples Breakup After Having Babies

Titilayo Ilori

You might be wondering why some couples face challenges after having children. Sometimes, the fault might be from the woman; other times, it might be from the man.

The fact is, childbirth changes a lot of things in a marriage, and if couples do not learn to adjust, it may result in a breakup. Below are reasons why couples breakup after childbirth.

1. Lack of time

It may be difficult for a woman to spend time with her husband after childbirth. This is a big problem, especially if you both used to spend quality time together before you decided to have babies.

2.  Lack of support

Some men see child-rearing as the duty of the mother. They believe all they need to do is provide for a child's basic needs. They leave the woman to nurse the child, which might later become a big issue in the home.

3. Inadequate sleep

Once you start having babies, it becomes difficult for you to get enough sleep, especially when your child is still growing.

It is difficult for a woman to do this alone without the support of her partner. Not having proper sleep can have a negative effect on her and she can easily pass the aggression to her husband.

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