Belly fat
Belly fat

5 Things That Cause Belly Fat

Margaret Solace

Belly fat refers to the excess weight that develops in the centre of the body. This accumulates over a period of time. We often try to avoid it by all means. Not only does it strip you of your confidence, it makes your fashion fantasy go to waste.

This excess fat is called visceral fat. It sits in the lower part of the abdomen and there are habits we cultivate that actually make this a lot worse. See five things you may be doing that could cause belly fat.

1. You skip meals

This habit always comes back to haunt us. You believe by not eating, you will make your belly fat disappear. You instead end up so hungry later on that you can’t help but overeat. When you do this, more fat will find its way back to that middle. Eating small meals six times fills you up without resulting in that fat.

2. You go vegetarian

This is the first mistake people often make. They become vegetarians all of a sudden. They say no to meat and opt for 100% salad, because they believe meat is packed with calories and fat. But remember, these foods are protein meals that help boost your metabolism, so you can fend off tummy pudge or fat. Opt for low calories instead.

3. You think bread is bad

White bread is bad for you, but whole grain bread and cereals are not. They allow insulin levels to rise more gradually, reducing the chances of adding fat to your belly.

4. You take a lot of alcohol

Alcohol has lots of calories, yet it does not fill you up at all. So, when you binge drink, you’re basically inviting flab to settle in your midsection. If you need to drink badly, opt for red wine. It can fight belly pudge.

5. You think fatty foods are the enemy

As counterintuitive as it may sound, foods high in monounsaturated fats help burn off belly fat and lead you to consume less. Nutritionists recommend slicing one-quarter of an avocado or drizzling olive oil and vinegar on your salad.

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