5 Menstrual Symptoms Every Woman Must Not Ignore

5 Menstrual Symptoms Every Woman Must Not Ignore

Titilayo Ilori

When it comes to a woman's menstrual cycle, symptoms differ. Some women might experience heavy menstrual flow, while some might not. Some women might experience severe menstrual pains and so on.

As a woman, there are some menstrual symptoms that should not be ignored. These symptoms include:

1. Constant vomiting and stooling

Stomach upset is a most common symptom of menstrual pain which can stop after using a pain-relieving drug. However, vomiting and stooling at the same time could be a sign of pelvic inflammatory disease. You need to consult your doctor immediately.

2. Shorter or longer periods

Some women see their period for seven days, while others for just three or four days. If your period exceeds the normal flow time, this could be a sign of fibroid; uterine polyps (a growth that is attached to the wall of the womb; hormonal imbalance (this occurs when the endocrine gland is not functioning the way it ought to).

3. Irregular periods

Irregular periods could be a result of pregnancy, birth control pills, stress, weight loss or weight gain. It can also be a result of perimenopause or polycystic ovary syndrome.

If you are experiencing irregular periods, visit your doctor immediately to be sure all is well.

4.  Intensive menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps are a result of contractions around the uterus which occur when your uterine lining is pushed out.

Menstrual cramps occur a few days before your period and some can last all through your period. However, women who experience longer menstrual cramps are likely suffering from adenomyosis, pelvic inflammatory diseases, sexually transmitted diseases or endometriosis.

5. Excessive bleeding

Some women naturally have heavy periods, others do not. For those who do not naturally have heavy flow, a heavy period is an abnormality.

Women who experience abnormally heavy flow during their periods are either suffering from a bleeding disorder, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, fibroid, pregnancy, or pregnancy complications, uterine fibroid etc.

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