5 Side Effects Of Hair Dye You Should Know
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5 Side Effects Of Hair Dye You Should Know

Titilayo Ilori

Dyeing of hair has become a trend among both sexes. Most people love to dye their lowcut hair because it is easy to maintain.

For women with long hair, once you dye your hair, you do not need to worry about braids or fixing, while those on lowcut only have to worry about combing and styling. You can decide to change the colour of your hair overnight, too.

As much as dyeing of hair is beautiful, it also has many negative effects on your health. Below are some of the side effects you should know.

1. Infertility

One of the chemicals used in producing hair dye is acetate which, according to research, can lead to infertility in both sexes. Studies also suggest that it is not advisable for pregnant women to apply dye on their hair because the life of their unborn child is at risk. The dye can cause a cancerous tumour in pregnant women.

2. Hair breakage

Applying hair dye on a regular basis can cause serious hair damage. Hair dye can damage your hair to the extent that you would go bald.

3. Allergy

Oftentimes, people apply hair dye without reading the instructions carefully. A pack or bottle of hair dye comes with instructions boldly written on it. In most cases, it is written on the pack that the dye should be used on a small part of the hair before applying it on all your hair to be sure there are no allergies, including blisters, redness, itching on the scalp and so on.

4. Conjunctivitis

Dyeing of the hair can cause conjunctivitis if it is not properly applied. This can happen if part of the dye accidentally gets into your eyes, resulting in swollen or pink eye.

5. Bad breath

Using dye regularly can affect your breath. Inhaling the chemical continuously can result in respiratory disorder due to the persulfates present in it. This can also lead to a cough. It can cause the airway to be inflamed and can also cause shortness of breath

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