4 Reasons Why We Lose Friends

4 Reasons Why We Lose Friends

Efizy Ranti

As we grow older, most of us find it difficult to keep friends. There are many reasons why. So when you lose a childhood friend or school friend, don’t feel guilty, as it is absolutely normal.

Here are four reasons why we lose friends.

1. Change in Priorities

Every phase of life comes with different priorities. This means that, as your life is changing, your priorities are changing too. Whether it is studying abroad, professional life or getting married, the priorities need your focused attention. As time goes on, something you once had on your list of priorities could become your second priority.

2. New Role of Life

A time will come when we will become parents and the world seems upside down. It is the time when your priorities change. As a new parent, your key priority will be taking care of kids. There is no joy that can match the bliss of seeing your child grow up. This somehow affects your friendship and you tend to lose friends. At this point, you no longer have time to catch up with friends.

3. Increase in Responsibilities

When you get to a point in your life, you have more responsibilities. You won’t have the time to hang out with friends. For instance, when you get married or prepare for an exam or a promotion at work. This makes you have less time for your social life, which in a way has an impact on your friendship too.

4. You want to get rid of Toxic Friends

You may start a friendship on a good note. But with time, you realise some friends are toxic. You may find some of them have developed more interest in you than is normal or safe. This may turn you off and you would start to avoid them.

A good friend is not worth losing, but sometimes life does not give us a choice.

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