5 Reasons Why Your Partner Cheats
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5 Reasons Why Your Partner Cheats

Titilayo Ilori

You may wonder why your partner continues to cheat on you, after doing everything you can to please them. Below are likely reasons why your partner cannot stop cheating.

1. Sexual dissatisfaction

If you cannot satisfy your partner's sexual desires, then you cannot stop them from cheating.

A person who does not get sexual satisfaction from his significant other might be tempted to try something new elsewhere. Once they get a new partner who is more sexually active, leaving the person will be difficult.

2. Longing for love

When your partner does not get the kind of love they seek from you, they may find it elsewhere.

3. Social media influence

If your partner is addicted to social media and you are not, engaging with the opposite sex online may become a pastime to them and it might be difficult to stop such a person from cheating.

4. Peer pressure

Peer pressure is another reason why people cheat. Your partner may cheat because their friends or colleagues are doing the same.

5. Betrayal

Sometimes, it is difficult to control a partner who has caught you cheating before. This can cause them to lose interest in the relationship and cheat on you.

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