3 Effective Ways To Stretch Tight Shoes
Tight shoes

3 Effective Ways To Stretch Tight Shoes

Margaret Solace

Are there shoes in your closet that you love so much but can’t wear because they are too tight? Sometimes, when we order online, we only follow the sizes we see on the size chart. These sizes are not always correct and come a size smaller.

Here are some useful ways to stretch tight shoes. They are simple and quick.

1. Wear thick socks and use the hairdryer

Wear a pair of thick socks. If possible, wear multiple socks, slip your feet into your shoes and put your hairdryer to your desired temperature. Then aim at the tight places. Try to wiggle your toes inside your shoes, bend your legs. Keep the shoes on till they cool down. If they are still a little tight, repeat the process over and over again till you get what you want.

2. Use alcohol

Get a spray bottle and put some alcohol inside it, slip your legs inside your shoes and spray the shoes with the alcohol. Make them slightly damp. Wear them till they dry up. You can put your socks inside the alcohol and squeeze the excess liquid inside the shoes. Let it dry while you walk. If you still need to, repeat till you get the desired results.

3. Try the ice method

Get a sealable plastic bag, place the bag inside your shoes. Pour water inside the bag and seal off. Place it inside the freezer and allow to become ice. Bring it out and remove the ice. This method is effective and expands shoes up to 9%.

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