6 Useful Tips For Dry Skin

6 Useful Tips For Dry Skin

Margaret Solace

There are different types of skin textures and they include oily, normal, combination, sensitive, and of course, dry skin.

Dry skin can be tough to deal with, especially during dry and complicated weathers like the harmattan season.

Every individual wants to have normal skin with a well-balanced skin PH, but this is almost impossible. Some are born with this skin texture while others have dry skin due to the environment.

Do not panic if it’s either of the causes listed above. Find great tips below to help you keep your skin moisturized and well hydrated to avoid cracks.

1. Pay attention to bath time

To ensure that you keep your body hydrated, avoid spending too much time in the shower or bath. Endeavour to have your bath in lukewarm and not hot water. Hot water tends to dry out the natural oil in the body.

2. Moisturize

After bathing, make sure you pat yourself dry rather than scrubbing your body with the towel. Scrubbing can irritate the skin.

Find the best moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. Check for ingredients like mineral oil, petroleum jelly in the moisturizer you choose for your skin.

3. Use fish oil pills

To nourish your skin, you will need to take great supplements with your proper diet. Fish oil, like cod liver, can help to soothe dry skin.

4. Take care of your hands and feet

Protect your hands and feet from drying. Use a good moisturizer for them. Your feet and hands dry out naturally because they are more exposed to chemicals and environmental hazards.

So, it’s important to protect them using gloves. Wash regularly after contact with public materials and do not forget to moisturize.

5. Use a good sunscreen

To avoid sun damage or overexposure to the sun, ensure that you use a good sunscreen.

6. Opt for natural products

Do facials suitable for your type of skin. Opt for scrubs for dry skin and a good moisturizer.

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