5 Ways To Make A Good First Impression At Work

Margaret Solace

Your first impression at work can either open opportunities for you or break you. It sets the tone for your stay in the office. The first impression you make stays stuck with people. So, knowing what to do and what not to do is important.

They are already watching out for you even before your resumption, ready to either embrace you or tear you down.

These things are expected and you should be ready, or else you will spend your long years working as a stranger or even spend more years getting to know and attach yourself to your colleagues.

These tips are there to guide you:

1. Be punctual

A punctual arrival shows you are ready to contribute to the company’s growth. It shows that you are ready for the task. It also helps you to be fully prepared to make the environment better. It helps you settle in easily.

2. Have a positive attitude

Enthusiasm and a good friendly attitude can make things much easier for you. Don’t go making dry jokes, just laugh when they make theirs. You either find it amusing or not. Do not do too much, though, or you might be seen as an unserious person or someone who is doing too much to win favours.

They were once in your shoes, so they know. Your work environment can be stressful at first, a little difficult since you are still trying to fit in. Do not let yourself be pushed outside your comfort zone because the more you accept it, the deeper you fall.

3. Make friends

Make it a priority to socialize with your colleagues at work, try to connect with the right ones, anyone that suits your personality. They will help you in the future, guide you and sometimes stand-in for you when the time arises. Be careful to give them space when necessary. Start by knowing their names, start a conversation, compliment their outfit or anything worth complimenting.

4. Dress well and appropriately

Dressing well has a way of creating opportunities even when you least expect it. Be rest assured that in such organisations, there will be admirers as well as critics. Be ready for them. It makes you look composed and professional.

5. Do your research

Know the basic information, keep track of your colleagues’ social media efforts, know how your they go about their presentations and learn to pick the valuable parts of each presentation during meetings.

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