5 Common Signs Your Baby Is Hungry
Crying baby

5 Common Signs Your Baby Is Hungry

Margaret Solace

Babies are those tiny creatures that can indicate everything with their emotions but cannot talk. This is because they have not reached the age where they can talk or express themselves with words. However, they can communicate with signals.

If you are a first-time parent, you might be confused and frustrated at these signals. The most common reason why a baby cries is because they are hungry, but this could also mean a lot of things including, craving your attention, needing a change of diaper, sickness or experiencing some discomfort.

Here are some signs that your baby is hungry even if they do not cry.

1. Head movement

Babies often move their heads when they are hungry, especially when they have given all signs and are running out of patience.

2. Finger sucking

Some babies give indications of hunger by sucking a finger or two. It could simply mean they need something in their mouths.

3. Tantrums

Babies try to get your attention because they feel you might have forgotten about them. They throw their legs and hands up in the air. They could also try to move things around you just to get your attention. If this does not work, they will give you the tears alarm.

4. Alertness

If your baby is suddenly alert and awake, it could be because they are hungry.

5. Making baby faces

Babies make funny faces when they are hungry. They sometimes make funny faces you are familiar with.

Study your babies and pick their signs.

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