4 Reasons Why Women Lose Interest In Men
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4 Reasons Why Women Lose Interest In Men

Margaret Solace

Relationships are like chocolate bars. You get elated before you open the bar but once you have had your fill, you either discard it or keep it. Losing interest in a relationship goes both ways, but oftentimes, when the woman loses interest, it is over.

What can make a woman lose interest in a man she once loved and cherished? It does not matter if you have been in a relationship for months, years or even weeks. You can either increase the growth of your relationship or lose interest in it. Here are some reasons why a woman may lose interest in a man.

1. Wrong motive

Do not go into any relationship with a mindset that you want something in return or you are going into a relationship for a particular motive, either financially or for sexual gain. The moment you have motives for being in a relationship, there will be a problem when the motive is gone.

If you fall in love with someone because of the way he spoils you with gifts or adores you with money or because of his sexual prowess, then what happens when he can no longer do those things as regularly as he did when the relationship started?

2. Discomfort

Every woman needs that masculine protection and comfort when they are in a relationship. When they do not have this, they feel lonely and are left unattended to. The woman may begin to lose interest in the relationship.

Women often try to compare their lives as a single person to their present “in a relationship” life. If it looks similar, they start to lose interest in the relationship. They ask themselves: “How is my single life even different from this when I still don’t have anyone to talk to?”

3. Lack of ambition

No woman wants to be with a man with no goals, dreams or ambition in life. Even if the man is not where he intends to be when it comes to his dreams about life, he should not be a bench warmer.

No woman wants to be with a man who wakes up in the morning to play games, have drinks with his friends at the expense of her daily funds. Nothing makes a woman as furious.

4. Lack of compliments

When your man does not pay you compliments or when he prefers to shower other women with compliments right in front of you, lose interest in him.

Things like that often make women more jealous. It gives them a low self-esteem and insecurity issues. You don’t need those things in your life.

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