Happy New Year
Happy New Year

This Is Why Your New Year’s Resolution Is Killing You


The moment we shout “Happy New Year”, the clock immediately rewinds. It is like we finally have a clean slate, a chance to start afresh. So, we immediately resolve, with all the seriousness we can muster, to turn a new leaf, do better, make the change that we have been trying to make, and we have a New Year’s resolution.

New Year’s resolution is a ritual that began in the West but has found itself in the Eastern Hemisphere. It generally involves a person resolving to begin good practices, alter one or more unwanted traits or behaviours, to accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise, improve their life.

From losing weight to finally starting your business, New Year’s resolutions are always sure. The recurring themes every year revolve around having a less sedentary health and fitness life, improved finances, learning new things for personal and professional development.

Some of them include exercising more, losing weight, getting organised, learning a new skill or hobby, living life to the fullest, to save more money or spend less money, to finally stop smoking, to spend more time with your loved ones and to travel more.

But once the euphoria of a fresh new year wears off, many people struggle to make good on their plans, as the list tends to be endless and the will to get all those resolutions done wanes with the coming months. Hence, a vicious cycle begins, as a new year comes to an end, a new year comes along and so does another new year’s resolution.

The problem is we all have goals to achieve and putting a new year’s stamp on it makes it more special, but it does not change anything if we do not actually put in the work. We have the mindset that because it is a new year everything will fall in place for us without actively making changes.

Do not let the fact that it is a new decade pressure you into making endless and long resolutions you know you will never keep. Instead, keep it at the back of your mind that the new year is just another day. A new year is a new month that is a new day which is a new hour. Stop making new resolutions with the same old mindset. The moment we stop making new year’s resolutions and instead begin to resolve to seize the day for all it is worth, utilising every minute, the sooner we will begin to truly live our lives and achieve our goals.

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