6 Beauty Benefits Of Cannabis

6 Beauty Benefits Of Cannabis

Chi-Chi Ukachukwu

Scientifically, cannabis is nutritious to the hair and can be used as a beauty regime. Below are the beauty benefits of cannabis you never knew existed.

1. Hair growth

Cannabis nourishes the scalp. It contains Gamma-Linolenic acid which helps in moisturizing and fighting dryness to improve the health of your scalp. It reduces dandruff and undergrowth.

Cannabis contains fatty acids that stimulate hair growth. It also adds more sheen to the hair, making it look shinier and healthier.

2. Reduces skin inflammation

Cannabis takes care of skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis or rashes. You can rub cannabis oil on the affected area, as it contains powerful antioxidants which can help to soothe and heal inflammation.

3. Treats acne

The cannabis plant contains 60 different types of cannabinoids, which have been shown to improve acne. This is according to Dr Alexis Granite, the consultant dermatologist at Cadogan Cosmetics.

4. Improves the skin’s protective shield

The cannabinoids, especially teamed with hydrating oils, also contribute to the skin's natural barrier function, as they stimulate cell regeneration for healthier, more glowing skin.

5. Has anti-aging properties

Studies have shown that smoking weed has anti-aging properties. The THC in cannabis has these properties that contribute to the general health of skin and help fence harmful oxygen particles.

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