9 Bag Essentials For Every Lady
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9 Bag Essentials For Every Lady

Whether it is a back pack or a school bag, designer or not, every bag must have these nine essentials.


As a lady, you should have certain things in your purse or bag. However, there is a fine line between wanting to be prepared for anything and carrying around a one-ton bag.

Your bag’s content says a lot about your person, where you are in life as well as the values you hold dear to your heart. In essence, the essentials for the average teenager’s bag will differ from those of a lady and the essentials of a lady are different from those of a young mum. There are, however, some essentials that each of the different groups must possess. They include:

1. Sanitary Pads or Tampons

The flow respects no one, and even with a proper monitoring application, hormones make guarantees that you will be taken by surprise on occasion. Always have a pad handy, so you are prepared every time.

2. “Vex” Money

Emergency cash stashed somewhere ensures you are not stranded somewhere. This money should sufficiently cover your transport from wherever you are to your home. This guarantees to some extent your dignity.

3. Tissue

A small pack of tissues can be useful after a spill, a sneeze, an emotional scene at the movies or even an unexpected cold. Also, the heat these days has been unfriendly and tissues are just the way.

4. Breath Mints or Gum

These are very important for any time you step out. This helps to keep your breath fresh for every conversation, especially if you have had something spicy to eat or have kept mute almost all day.

5. Pocket-Sized Note Pad and Pen

Every lady should have writing materials in her bag. You do not know when you will need to jot something down so you won’t forget, write your brilliant masterpiece, doodle a sketch, anything.

6. Lip Balm and Hand Lotion

Moisturising your lips and hands gives a good impression about your level of self-love and it also goes a long way in helping you feel comfortable.

7. A Purse-Friendly Sized Deodorant and Perfume

The heat tends to place us in an important situation when it comes to our hygiene and being fresh. No one really wants to be stinky and wearing a good deodorant and perfume would help improve your confidence and keep the stinky smell away.

8. Hair Brush/Comb

The wind messes with your hair. Sometimes, you mess with your hair yourself, but having a little comb or brush handy will help you remedy it and get you looking presentable again in a minute.

9. Earphones and a Power Bank

You might get bored, want to see a movie or have a private message to listen to, but whatever the case may be, having earphones is a lifesaver. For every moment your phone threatens to go off, you can comfortably continue with its use, knowing your power bank will help you recharge it.

You would think that with all these essentials, your bag will be near bursting but there are purse-friendly sizes that ensure you do not end up toting a weight bag around. Also, never forget your phone, wallet, and a means of identification wherever you go.

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