5 Questions To Ask Your Partner Before It Is Too Late

Margaret Solace

A relationship involves two different people coming together to become one, to share the same feelings, to share virtually everything with each other. Before you decide to start on something serious, though, there are questions you should ask yourself and your partner.

Are you in a serious relationship or are you just dating? There is a slight difference between dating and being in a serious relationship. When you are dating, you are just okay with the idea of being in a relationship, you love the companionship and that’s it!

Being in a serious relationship means you are beyond dating, you are beyond having a companion for the time being. You now see your partner as a potential life partner.

If this is what you feel you have in your relationship, then maybe this is the time to sit your partner down and have a conversation. This way, you can see their emotions while sitting or standing or lying in bed with them. Here are some questions you should ask your partner before you sink in too deep in the relationship.

1. When we have issues, do we try to solve it together or do you require space (and how much space)?

Your partner’s reply at this point will determine if you can carry on or not. You are able to know how best to tolerate their withdrawal issues if they have one. Some people just don’t like to show their problems.

2. What do you think about divorce?

You should discuss what divorce is and know their stand on the idea. You should know if your relationship is worth fighting for or not.

3. Do you want kids or not?

This is an important question to ask, especially if you are both leading your relationship to marriage. You should know if your partner wants kids or not and you should come to an agreement. How many do they want? When do they want to start having kids? You should also try to see their perspective when it comes to adoption and infertility struggles.

4. Are you in a financial crisis?

You should know better before you commit to a relationship. This way, you’re not blown away when you are totally hooked.

5. What exactly do you expect from me?

Asking your partner this question will let you know how they see you, what they want and if you can cope with a lifetime with them.

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