Get your life organized
Get your life organized

4 Ways To Organize Your Life

Here are four ways to organize your life!


Life can be so muddled these days. There is just a whole lot to do and so little time! It gets so hectic that the whole thing feels messy with everything happening all at the same time. But is that really it or do we just lack organization? There are 24 hours in a day and a whole lot of people get to do a lot more than you do and you even wake up hours before most of them. Their secret is organization. They have managed the art of organizing themselves so that their life is in order. Find out four ways to organize your life.

1. Write things down

It is often said that failing to plan is planning to fail. Write, write, write! You need to begin writing things down. If you want to be organized, I suggest you purchase a planner and make a to-do list of all the things you plan on getting done in a day and the order in which you want to get them done. Allow your mind to be informed by putting your thoughts down on paper. It works magic.

2. Accountability

Get people who can hold you accountable. It is important to live your life knowing someone holds you accountable for the things you do. Some people are more than able to hold themselves accountable but in the case that you cannot, it is best that you get someone you respect who cares about you, a mentor, a friend, family, some people even go as far as getting an accountability group for an aspect of their life. They believe having similar people with like goals will help them remain on that path.

3. Do not overcrowd yourself

You must not be part of everything. Ensure you keep yourself away from things you do not need to be a part of. Try not to crowd your life with unnecessary activities. You do not have to be a part of every game night, movie night, hangout, shopping weekend. Give yourself time to rest and breathe Sometimes, too much activity is no activity.

4. When you are done, be done!

Imagine a brick in front of you, then imagine other bricks are joining the brick you have, pile on pile until there is a wall. This is what happens when you fail to let go of things when you are done. To be organized, you need to know how to put things away when you are done. When you are done cooking, get rid of those dishes, when you are done reading, put away those books and if you are done with those people, walk away from that bridge. Learning to close or end things when you are done helps to keep your life clutter free and opened for more opportunities and people to come in.

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