Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

5 Health Benefits Of Eating Yam During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? These are some reasons why you should include yam in your diet.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

Do you want to stop eating yam because you are pregnant? No! You don’t have to stop eating it, especially when you are pregnant because there are some important health benefits you can get from eating yam. They include:

1. Cure for morning sickness

One of the most common symptoms women experience during pregnancy is morning sickness. Yam contains vitamin B6 which can provide relief from nausea and vomiting; thereby, treating morning sickness.

2. Prevents low birth weight

Vitamin B6 also prevents low birth weight in babies.

3. Regulates blood pressure

Yam contains potassium which is needed to keep your blood pressure levels under control.

4. Helps digestion

Yam is a storehouse of healthy starches which are easy to digest.

5. Prevents anaemia

Anaemia is common during pregnancy and yam contains minerals like copper, iron and zinc that play an important role in treating and preventing anaemia during pregnancy.

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