5 Reasons Women Leave A Relationship

5 Reasons Women Leave A Relationship

Abiodun Adeoye

Although this might come as a shock to some people, women actually leave the men they love. Why would a lady leave a man she loves for someone else? There are endless reasons for that. The following are some of the reasons why women leave the man they love.

1. They feel unwanted and unloved

There is no secret that women want love and attention more than men. They do not actually want them, but they need them. Women are built differently from men and they are more sensible and emotional. And when their husband or their boyfriend simply does not pay any attention to them, women choose to walk out on their relationship.

2. They feel like sex objects

These days, sex has become more of a physical thing, a thing most men want to simply get over with, while women still need the foreplay, including the touches and kisses. But when a woman feels like her man is only there for her when he needs sex, she decides to dump him and find a better mate. Support, respect and love are important in a relationship. And once these are gone, a woman can feel it and can decide to walk out.

3. The man is always working

Financial security is a thing all people want, but once this financial security means that the man is always working, a woman will not be happy about it. While women want to feel secure, they also want to spend time with their lover. And spending time with you is far more important to her than a nice car or a nice apartment. They need to feel close to you, feel you and check-in with you. If you are always at work, she will have a relationship with the phone, not with the real you.

4. The man is not sharing enough

I know that there are different types of people, but once you are in love there is nothing more beautiful than showing your loved one how much you care. Unfortunately, not all men understand that. Many times, they choose to keep silent and not show any emotion. This pretty much ruins the relationship, mostly because a woman needs to feel close to you by sharing.

5. The man is immature

Being child-like is completely fine, but being childish is not. Women want a serious man that gets them, has dreams, abilities and that supports them and their desires. If you are acting like a child, getting mad from various stupid reasons or acting like a child in a serious situation, your woman will leave you, especially if you are not eager to change, to evolve. Women do not want to raise you. They want an already grown-up man, ready to commit and take responsibilities.

In some cases, it might not just be a single reason that might make the lady leave her partner. Sometimes, it might be a combination of reasons.

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